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Install Caddy 2 web server on Ubuntu 20.04 Guide

This guide is intended to show the steps of how to install and set up Caddy 2 on Ubuntu 20.04. Why Caddy? From, Caddy simplifies your infrastructure. It takes care of TLS certificate renewals, OCSP stapling, static file serving, reverse proxying, Kubernetes ingress, and more. Caddy is the only web server to use HTTPS […]

How to set up WordPress with Caddy 2

This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up a WordPress blog based on the Caddy 2 web server, on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. In this guide, WordPress will be put inside the /wordpress folder of the website root. Caddy is a powerful, enterprise-ready, open source web server with automatic HTTPS written in Go. Caddy […]

Common issues running WordPress with Caddy 2

This article covers the common issues and errors while setting up WordPress to run on the Caddy 2 web server. If you have not set up WordPress on Caddy 2, you can follow this guide. Error installing theme or plugins or requesting FTP credentials With Caddy, while updating WordPress themes, or installing WordPress plugins, WordPress […]